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Positron G-600 T1/E1 PRI

Positron - G-600 T1/E1 PRI

The G-600 IP PBX is the ideal solution for medium enterprises that can accommodate up to 250 users. It enables a powerful suite of communication applications to launch enterprise communication into the next era and that completely replaces legacy proprietary phone systems, supports standard SIP soft/hard phones from any vendor, VoIP service providers and integrates the telephony network interface.


The base of the G-600 is a feature rich IP PBX business phone system that will increase the productivity of employees, reduce the support time and operate at a much lower cost than traditional phone systems. To increase productivity, the system will transparently allow users to receive calls while they are in the office, on the road or working from home. The G-600 IP PBX is a standalone solution that can be installed on any network quickly and easily. For IT staff, the system supports an easy to use web interface that supports wizard based setups.



  • Installs simply and quickly

  • 4 T1/E1 PRI

  • 2 Analog Phone Lines (2 FXO)

  • 2 Analog extensions (2 FXS) for Fax or Handsets

  • Supports VoIP out of the box no upgrades required


Codec Support:


  • G.711 u-law & a-law

  • G.729 A/B



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