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Positron G-320 T1/E1 PRI

Positron - G-320 T1/E1 PRI

The G-320 IP PBX provides businesses with, up to 60 employees, with a scalable and affordable business phone system that takes advantage of all the latest features and functionality and combines them into an easy to manage and configure device Positron€™s system is future proof, backed by free support, a multilingual user configuration and an auto configuration phone application.


There are no hidden extras, no support fee, we support a multitude of phone manufacturers and we don€™t limit the configuration.


Not only will the Positron G-Series save you money but we will also help your corporate image by allowing you to easily configure and customize you voice prompts, welcome messages and call flow through the system.




  • Installs simply and quickly

  • Single /fractional T1/E1 PRI for digital telephone lines

  • 2 connections (2 FXS) for phone or fax

  • Supports VoIP out of the box no upgrades required


Codec Support:


  • G.711 u-law & a-law


Technical Brief


  • One T1/E1 PRI port for connection to the telephone network

  • Two Foreign Exchange Station (2 FXS) ports for connecting a phone or fax machine

  • Two USB ports

  • Audio input / output jacks

  • Hardware based G.168 echo cancellation chip

  • Four Ethernet ports (3 LAN, 1 WAN) 10/100Mbps auto MDIX


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